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Paper Or Plastic Carrier Bags – Which One is Best?

paper plastic carrier bagsOne question that has been lingering in everyone’s minds for some time now is if you should use plastic or paper carrier bags. The choice seems to be easy but isn’t as there are lots of positive and negative aspects associated with each bag type.

Paper bags are more expensive than plastic bags and take up more transportation and storage space. They also tear or disintegrate when wet. While plastic bags are more durable, cheaper, versatile and easier to store and transport than paper bags, its low quality bags are flimsy and easily tear.

The Manufacturing Process

It is the general belief that paper bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. This is because paper comes from wood; an organic and renewable resource while plastic comes from the non-renewable resource oil or gas, through a chemical process.


Using Printed Carrier Bags To Promote Your Business

Laminated Rope Handle Carrier Bag

Business promotion is a vital aspect of being successful, and it should be right up there as one of a company’s top priorities. Take every opportunity to promote your business.  Promotional campaigns should be monitored to establish their level of success. Printed promotional carrier bags are a perfect vehicle for business promotion as they are economical, practical, and can be very eye-catching.

If your company decides to use printed carrier bags, it will be necessary to work out what the promotional campaign is intended to achieve. If you just want to get publicity for the company name, then low-cost plastic carrier bags will be fine. If the desire is to create an upmarket impression, paper or fabric bags may be the best choice, but these will cost your company more.

Branding Your Carrier Bags

Pay close attention to the design of any bag carrying your company’s name. Ideally, the colour scheme of the printing on the bag should match your company’s branding. The bag should carry your logo or trademark.


The Benefits of Bags for Life – The Eco-Friendly Carrier Bag

eco jute bagsWhat are “bags for life”? These are eco-friendly carrier bags ideal for multiple trips to the grocery or other types of stores. Many areas of the world are trying to cut down on the use of plastic or paper, single-use bags in stores to lessen the carbon footprint that these types of bags leave on our environment in various ways. Printed carrier bags are available in a variety of fabrics today that stores can provide to their shoppers either free or for a fee to reduce the usage of the single-use, paper or plastic bags.

The Benefits for Shoppers

The main benefit of shoppers using “bags for life” is the fact that they cut down on their waste at home, which lowers their carbon footprint when they reuse the bags in the proper manner.  It also keeps their homes from becoming cluttered with the single-use bags. Instead of having 100 bags stuffed in a closet or container, they have a small assortment of reusable bags.

Another benefit is the fact that the reusable bags are sturdier than the single-use bags are, which means they hold additional items without fear of ripping. Milk, meat and heavier items are carried safely in the “bags for life”. In addition, the cloth bags do not shift in the car as easily either which keeps the merchandise contained in the bags. One note here, though, the reusable bags need to be washed or wiped clean depending on the material from which they are made to be kept sanitary for use.